Who am I?

Hi! My names Steve. I’ve been a Software Engineer for 12 years now. 7 of which as a permanent employee and for the last 5 I’ve been a freelance contractor. Over that time, I’ve had the fortune to work for some truly interesting and eclectic companies. From writing software for Hollywood film studios, to the police, oil and gas, trains and most currently health care. I can think of no other career that allows you to switch between industries so freely.

Why It all started

I started AWS Coach as a way of documenting my journey through gaining the AWS Certifications. In the past when I studied and gained certifications I’d work really hard, pass the exam and afterwards hardly think about the things I learnt again. This time however I figured that as well as having a few extra points to put on my CV, I’d also create a decent resource that other people interested in gaining their AWS Certifications could benefit from.

I didn’t realise it at the time. But as I wrote more articles I found myself enjoying the process more and more.

I’ve learnt a massive amount when going through the AWS exams and now I am excited to share it with you.

What the site has to offer?

I’ve put together lots of resources on a variety of subjects that are all connected with learning and passing your AWS certifications. Things like:

  • Mock exam questions
  • Exam day guides
  • Techniques to use during the exam
  • Detailed breakdowns of subjects like S3 and EC2
  • and many more….

And the best part…It’s totally free!

Want to get certified?

All my career I’ve gained certifications. In many professions throughout the world, if you don’t have a certain set of industry recognised certifications then you can’t even get a job! If you’re an accountant then you get chartered. If you’re a lawyer then you have to pass the bar. Architects and engineers also have to go through a similar process.

With all that in mind, why is it that Software development is so loose when it comes to industry recognised qualifications?

I think the answer to that is simply Software Development is relatively new compared to those well-established industries. But the world is waking up I feel and I honestly predict that certifications will be borderline mandatory in the not so distant future. Getting an early start just makes sense and will make you a more skilled professional.

So what are you waiting for, get reading the blogs and get certified!

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My Other Sites

I have a passion for spreading the importance of the role bees and insects have to play in our environment. I know this is kinda a segway from software development. But if you are interested in learning more about bees and bugs checkout my blogs:

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